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Clifton Suspension Bridge, Clifton, Bristol. Photo: Destination Bristol

Welcome to Weekendr, the getaway guide for Londoners (and anyone else).

It’s one of a family of nine print and online London titles published by boutique publishing house London Belongs To Me.

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A recent cover of Kentishtowner.
A recent cover of Kentishtowner.
Weekendr is the eighth title published by London Belongs To Me, an award-winning boutique publishing house based in the heart of Camden Town, whose primary focus is on the interesting, less heralded bits of the capital that are sometimes forgotten in the stampede towards Soho or Shoreditch.

Our first title to explore life outside London, Weekendr’s proviso is that the destinations are easily accessible and practical for a 48-hour jaunt – so while we prefer to focus on the UK, we’re happy to hop across Europe too (and, of course, beyond).

Our north London flagship title Kentishtowner was founded in 2010 by broadsheet travel and lifestyle writer Stephen Emms, whose work has appeared regularly in the weekend sections of The Guardian, Sunday Times, Observer and Independent. It won funding from Nesta in 2012 and started a monthly print edition in 2013.

Since then, our small team have also launched Below The River, which covers south London, and the print and online Gasholder, dedicated to all things Central London (with special focus on King’s Cross, Islington and Bloomsbury).

The latest two additions are Tottenham’s Seventhsister and Leytonstoner, covering a vibrant swathe of east London. In 2017 we launched Eustontowner, a celebration of an overlooked central neighbourhood, with West End title the St James’s Correspondent following in the autumn.

Together our titles attract around 250,000 readers (including 50k in print), with well over 125,000 on social media too. Don’t forget to follow @londonbelongs_ for the highlights of all of ’em.

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Founding editor Stephen Emms
New Business director and associate editor Tom Kihl
Staff Writer Clare Hand
Designers Olly Skinner, Tan Doan
Contributors Sarah Park, Brendan Hodrien, Clare Hand
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We’re looking for contributors of all walks of life, from writers to photographers to local businesses, interviewees and pop-ups, so if you like what we do, get in touch: stephen@londonbelongstome.com

We hope to be as thorough in our travel writing as our resources allow, so if you wish to add a comment, please do so with respect and politeness. We reserve the right to delete all comments that are non-constructive, offensive, off-topic or don’t comply with basic etiquette.

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